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Curriculum : Language Arts : English Literature 
Jules Verne 1828 – 1905 
Brief biographical sketch of this author, the Father of Science Fiction.

Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
Part 1 – Chapters 1 – 15
Part 2 – Chapters 16 – 30 (print ready – no download)
Part 3 – Chapters 31 – 45      ”    ”              ”   ”

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne
Part 1 – Chapters 1 – 11 inc.
Part 1 Take Home Quiz: Printable crossword puzzle and answer sheet
Part 2 – Chapters 12 – 24 inc.
Part 3 – Chapters 25 – 37 inc.

Gene Stratton Porter 1863 – 1924
Brief biographical sketch of this naturalist and fiction author.

Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter
Chapter reviews and assignments. These are presented in downloadable Word files. If you do not have Microsoft Word loaded on your computer, contact us and we will make you an alternate format.
Part 1 – Chapters 1 – 10 inc.
Part 2 – Chapters 11 – 20 inc.

Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter
Part 1 – Chapter 1 – 12 inc.
Part 2 – Chapter 13 – 25 inc.

Authors of Lasting Fame 
Brief biographies of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charlotte Bronte and Edna Ferber


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Part 1 – Chapters 1 – 25
Part 2 – Chapters

So Big by Edna Ferber
Writing assignments related to chapter reviews of this novel study. 

‘Go Eat Your Homework’ Series 
Involve the whole family in learning about the community you live in. These vignettes of various locations as they developed over time, together with recipes that symbolize the unique flavors of the city, combine for a notable cultural and culinary diversion. Explore your roots – both edible and past, and show your child you are interested in what they’re learning. And eating!
Boston – Boston Brown Bread in your Crock Pot; Boston Baked Beans
El Paso – Rosa’s El Paso Chicken and Rice, Tex Mex Corn Bread and Frito Salad
Kansas City – Kansas City Barbecue Sauce; Kansas City Corn
Memphis – Memphis Blues Stew; Hopping John
Mobile – Southern Pecan Pie; Mr. Carver’s Peanut Brittle
New Orleans – Seafood Gumbo; Muffaletta Sandwich
New York City – New York Clam Chowder; New York Pizza Dough
Pittsburgh – Primanti Brothers Sandwich; Devonshire Sandwich
Salt Lake City – Oatmeal Cookies; Whole Wheat Muffins
San Francisco – San Francisco’s Monte Cristo Sandwich; San Francisco Golden Gate Burger
American Sign Language / Signed English Series

Series One 
Introduction: American Sign Language (ASL) vs. Signed English (SE)
Welcome. Let’s Get Introduced
Lesson 1 The alphabet. Graphic intensive and slow to load.
Using ASL Flash Cards Effectively
Lesson 2 Spelling counts!
Lesson 3 Part A  Family
Lesson 3 Part B  Describing eye and hair colors
Lesson 4 Numbers 1 – 10 inclusive
Lesson 5 “I can… ” 
Lesson 6  “I will…”
Lesson 7  “I  like… “
Lesson 8   “I want… “
Lesson 9  “I am…”
Lesson 10 “I can drive..”
Supplementary Lesson: Directions
Lesson 11  Conjunctions and Introducers
Lesson 12  Pronouns
Practice makes Perfect Summer Signing Suggestions

Back To School ASL Warm-Up Series
Summer Travel
Water Signs
Island Signs
“HOT” Things
Back To School

Series 2 
Series 1 Review Worksheet
Lesson 1: Animals of the Forest
Lesson 2: Farm Animals
Lesson 3: Pets
Lesson 4: Grassland and Water Animals
Review Quiz: Animal signs and Fingerspelling
Lesson 5: Food – fruits
Lesson 6: Food – meats
Lesson 7: Food – vegetables
Lesson 8: Food – Snacks
Lesson 9: Food – Drinks
Lesson 10: Food – Miscellaneous
Lesson 11 Part 1: Time – the 12 months and annual units of time
Lesson 11 Part 2: Time – days of the week, 4 seasons, holidays
Lesson 12: Vocabulary Builder – Descriptive words
Printable wordsearch to review Series 2

Series 3 
Lesson 1: Simple Answers and Common Phrases
Lesson 2: Feelings and Emotions
Lesson 3: Questions
Lesson 4: Common ASL/SE Phrases
Lesson 5: More Phrases
Lesson 6: “Finish” Phrases
Lesson 7: Negative Phrases
Lesson 8: Everyday Phrases
Lesson 9: Past Tense
Lesson 10: Opposites
Lesson 11: Professions. A question and answer lesson.
Lesson 12: Travel terms

Supplementary American Sign Language and Signed English Resources:

Religious Signs
Words and concepts most often encountered when signing a particular religious passage.

Tips for Legible Penmanship
Does your student, or child, tend to rip the paper written on, or run the letters together into an illegible mess? Here are some remedial strategies to try that really work.

Short Stories used for the following 4 printing worksheets are exerpts from: 52 Children’s Moments. A Treasure for Every Week of the Year. The complete unabridged book is available for sale in the Shop @LT

Different Isn’t Always Bad
This original short story serves as the background for extended tracing practice of letters, spacing, and punctuation suitable for Grades 1 – 3.
It Really Can Add Up
Learn how easy it is to make a difference in your own or someone else’s life, Tracing worksheet for penmanship practice without the distraction of reading and/or ‘creating’. 

The Key
An original short story on life lessons in problem solving. Printable worksheet format for printing practice Grade 1 – 3.
Apples of Gold
It is important to know when to say words of kindness to make someone feel better. Printable short story with decreasing font sizes for tracing, printing and reading practice. Gr. 1- 3

Curriculum : Grade 1- 2 Math Number Sense and Numeration  
Lesson 1 – Upside Down Addition
Lesson 2 – Turn  Around Addition

Grade 5 Math
Fraction Addition – printable worksheet
Introducing addition of fractions with common denominators. Linked to answer sheet with detailed explanations. Elaine Ernst Schneider and Joanne Mikola


Schumann/Brahms Assignment

Mozart/Beethoven Creative Writing Assignment
Practice the five parts of a letter:  heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Adapted for Grade 5-7; Gr. 8-9; and 10-12.

Introduction to Guitar: Guitar Chord Families and Progressions.
Learning guitar is fun! It is helpful to know that certain chords are likely to occur in a song – and they will appear in a grouping (or “family”) almost every time.
Elaine Ernst Schneider, September 11, 2004

*Elements of Music Notation
*Printable Worksheet : Notation 
*Elements of Music Notation : Rhythm
*Miscellaneous Notes About Music Notation
*Elements of Music Notation : Note Values
*Music Worksheet 2: Note Values. Includes answer sheet
*Blank Sheet Music
*With Joanne Mikola;
Elements of Music Notation: Time
Elements of Music Notation: Tone
Elements of Music Notation: Keys and Key Signatures


Using a Magnetic Letter Board to Teach Phonics 

Hands On Phonics A to Z 
For parent and child, teacher and child, or tutor and child.
Elaine Ernst Schneider has just completed her “Hands On Phonics A to Z” series of lesson plans and activity workbook. Ignite all of your child’s senses to introduce and reinforce this first building block of language development. A sample can be found here.
This exceptional resource is now available for sale in our Shop@LT

Books and Your Children
Stimulate your child’s love for reading. Pick from this Fall’s Children’s Best Seller list from Amazon.com


The Basics of Drawing #1
A Multi-Age Art Level Lesson
The Basics of Drawing #2: Perspective 
A Multi-Age Art Level Lesson
The Basics of Drawing #3 : Proportion



Pretest : Nouns
Pretest : Pronouns
Pretest : Verbs
Verb Usage: Tense and Conjugation
Great review assignment for grade 6 and 7 as well.
What prepositions are and how to recognize them.
The Conjunction
Learn about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.
Aha! The answer to interjections, what they are, and what they do!
Two, Too, and To – Who Knew?
That Dratted Apostrophe 
Lie and Lay – Whatever.
Sit or Set – Does it Matter?
Do you sit it down or set it down? Then does it sit on its own or set on its own once it is there? Learn the answers!
Lose It or Loose It – There’s a Difference
Is It Farther or Further? 
Two words often confused – learn the key for knowing the difference.
How Does the Effect Affect You? – Another Grammatical Riddle 
Myself and Other Reflexive Pronouns

Printable Work Sheet: Predicate Nouns
includes answer page  

Printable Work Sheet: Predicate Adjectives
includes answer page

Predicate Adjectives Worksheet

Creative Writing – 3rd/4th Grades 

In Your Lunch 
In Your Lunch – Part II – Learning 1st, 2nd, 3rd person 
By the Old Mill Stream 
By the Old Mills Stream – Lesson II – Paragraph Types 
Creative Writing Lesson – From a Sea Captain’s View  – Part 1 
Creative Writing Lesson – From a Sea Captain’s View  – Part 2 
Creative Writing Lesson – From a Sea Captain’s View  – Part 3
Journalism – The Attention grabbing Topic Sentence
A journalism springboard assignment on making that first sentence really count!
Don’t Bore Them with the Thank You Note! 
A thank you note doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it should let the giver know a little bit about your life and how you plan to enjoy the gift that was sent.
Using Senses for Sensible Writing 
Using the senses is an excellent strategy for descriptive writing.
Creative Writing – I AM A FISH
Discuss the environment from the standpoint of a fish.
From the Mind to the Computer Screen – A Creative Writing Strategy

Multiple Number Names: An Exercise in Multiplication

Print Version Algebra Lessons 1 – 12 Inclusive
Basic Algebra – Lesson 1 – Evaluating algebra expressions
Basic Algebra – Lesson 2 
Algebra Lesson 3 – Solving for X
Algebra Lesson 4 – Order of operations
Algebra Lesson 5 – Expressions from equations
Algebra Lesson 6 – Balancing equations to solve variables
Algebra Lesson 7 – Using equations to solve puzzles
Algebra Lesson 8 The equation behind an old trick
Algebra Lesson 9 – Positives and negatives on a number line
Algebra Lesson 10 – Absolute values
Algebra Lesson 11 – Additive inverses
Adding opposites using negatives and positives.
Algebra Lesson 12 – Multiplying positives and negatives
ALGEBRA – Fun Things to Know 
Amaze your friends! Confound the wise! Try these fun math problems.

Applying for a Teaching Position
Marketing yourself and showcasing your skills are essential to land the job of your choice. Learn how.
Interviewing for a Teaching Position
The application has been filled out and submitted, your references are turned in, and the waiting begins. Now what can you do to get this job?

Math Review for ACT College Entrance Exam Part I – The Review 

Preparing for College Entrance Exams – the ACT and SAT
College entrance exams are designed to test cumulative knowledge and deductive skills

Test-taking Relaxer Exercise
Help your student(s) relax before the big exam!

Home Schooling – Mom as the Teacher 
Some home teaching strategies for at-home learning.

DEFENDS – A Writing Strategy 

Helping Your Child Study for Tests

Don’t Let Your Kids Give Up on That Homework! – Part I
Look for helpful hints on encouraging your child to do his or her best in school as well as focusing on the enjoyment of learning for the sake of learning.

Don’t Let Your Kids Give Up on That Homework! – Part II 
When does a parent step in and take some of the pressure off when a child is staggering under the burden of homework that he or she doesn’t understand?

What to Do When the Grades Aren’t Good
Tips for dealing with poor grades and keeping your child’s self esteem in tact.

Stop! Don’t Crucify the Teacher 

Summer Tutoring – Good Idea or Bad?

Dear Daughter
Drugs, Drinking, and Death: Can we break the cycle?