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Different Isn’t Always Bad
Elaine Ernst Schneider

Sometimes when things are different from what we are used to, it scares us. What about when your mom tries to get you to taste that new vegetable she just put on your plate? It looks different. But your mom probably says, “Just try it.” And when you do, then you discover that it isn’t so bad after all. And you just might even like it!

There are other things that might be different. And sometimes, we don’t even give them a chance – things like new schools, new clothes, new teachers, or new friends. How about that new kid that moved in down the block or just showed up in your class? Maybe the new kid doesn’t dress the same as you do. Maybe he is deaf or walks with a limp. Maybe his skin is different from yours. Maybe he only lives with one parent instead of two. There may be things about this person that are different from what you are used to. But does that mean you shouldn’t treat him with respect or give him a chance?

Once there was a man who was making a trip. Robbers jumped him, stole his money, and then beat him so badly that he was left on the side of the road to die. People passed by and saw him but no one would stop and help him. Finally, a man  came down the road. He was from a different country than the man who was hurt. And the people from their countries did not like each other. They were too different from one another. The hurt man did not expect this man to stop and help him. But, guess what? He did.

It doesn’t matter what kind of house someone lives in or the clothes that anyone wears. Maybe a person’s body isn’t put together quite like everyone else’s. I may have a friend that lives in a big house and uses a wheelchair to get around. Or I may have a friend who lives in a small house and runs like the wind. Maybe I will meet a person who is not able to hear well. Perhaps I will know someone who is blind.

Maybe I can figure out the hardest math problems in the book but I’m not very good at baseball. It doesn’t matter what color my skin is or how tall I am. All that matters is that I am me. And all that matters when I think of  you is that you are my friend.

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