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Lesson Tutor: Elements of Music Notation: Rhythm

  /  Lesson Tutor: Elements of Music Notation: Rhythm

Elements of Music Notation : Rhythm
by Elaine Ernst Schneider and Joanne Mikola

Beat Standard of measurement in musical time. One beat lasts until the next one begins.
Meter Basic grouping of beats
Rhythm Pattern of longer and shorter note values used. Note: One note cannot have a rhythm. It takes two to create a pattern.
Time Signature  Two numbers at the beginning of the staff; top number telling how many beats per measure. The bottom number tells which kind of note gets one beat.

 The top number tells that there are 2 beats in a measure
Bottom number says the quarter note gets one beat.

  Here there are four beats in a measure
The quarter note, again counts as a single beat

 There will be six beats in a measure
One eighth note = 1 beat
Key Signature Denotes the number of sharps and flats. These tell what key the music is in.
Order of Use The clef always appears first, followed by the key signature. These are repeated on every staff. The time signature only appears at the beginning of the song, unless there is a time change.

In order: treble clef, one flat. and 4/4 time.
bass clef, one flat, and 4/4 time
In order: treble clef, three flats, and 2/4 time.
bass clef, three flats, and 2/4 time


Assignment : Rhythm Worksheet 

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