Lesson Tutor : Is it Farther or Further?

Is It Farther or Further?
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

Objective(s): By the end of this lesson the student will be able to: 
1. Differentiate between the words ‘farther’ and ‘further’
2. employ the correct usage of the words ‘farther’ and ‘further’


Two words often confused are farther and further. Is it farther down the road or further? Do you have to read further in the book or farther? Do you further your education? Yes! Let’s take a look at the meanings for these two words.

FARTHER denotes physical advancement in distance.

FURTHER denotes advancement to greater degree, as in time.

The correct answers to the above examples follow:

It is farther down the road. (For distance physically traveled.)

You read further in the book. (To a greater degree than where you are now.)

You further your education. (To a greater degree than what you have now.)


    1. How much __________ do you plan to drive tonight?
    2. I’ve reached the end of my rope with this dog chewing up the carpet. I just can’t go any _____________.
    3. Do you have any _______________ plans for adding on to the building?
    4. That’s a lot _____________ than I want to carry this machine and tripod!
    5. The _____________ that I travel down this road, the ____________ behind schedule I get.
    6. How much ___________ do you intend to take this legal matter?
    7. I want to ___________ my career by taking some management courses.
    8. It’s not that much ____________ to the gas station.
    9. How much ____________ do I have to read in this text?
    10. How much __________ do I have to run, Coach?

Answer Key:

  1. farther
  2. further
  3. further
  4. farther
  5. farther, further
  6. further
  7. further
  8. farther
  9. further
  10. farther

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