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Lesson Tutor : Help, F.A.Q.’s, and Submission Guidelines

  /  Lesson Tutor : Help, F.A.Q.’s, and Submission Guidelines
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Submission Guidelines
What types of Consultants are you looking for?We are always looking for quality submissions for the benefit of other Parents and Educators. Our goal is to house an extensive reference library that is simply accessed by anybody. The contents will primarily include lesson plans, worksheets, and support articles. If you feel that your own experiences may be of assistance to someone else within the education category and community, then you are a qualified contributor. 
Do you accept submissions from outside of the United States?Yes. Education and Parenting are universal. Though the initial set-up of this site revolves around  North American terminology, we would love to recognize other countries and their distinctive differences. As the site matures, refinement to suit the majority of viewers will also evolve. 
What copyrights do I retain from my articles?You will retain copyrights to your material. Lesson Tutor retains non-exclusive rights to display your article on our site. All articles will include general copyright protection notices as a reminder to viewers that the work is that of someone else, to give you due recognition for your original works and as a prompt to credit and/or contact you if the contents are considered for more than personal, educational use. Please review our Terms of Use, Legal and Privacy Policies.
How do I submit articles?We accept all submissions for consideration. We will format the lesson plans and/or articles to conform to our page design before displaying them. We will not further edit these pages without contacting you first. Due to the volume of submission requests, we may delay posting any submissions that require  more than minimal correction. Please browse through the site prior to submitting your works to familiarize yourself with the current page set-up and components of our “ideal” lesson plans.
You can email your Lesson Plan(s) or articles to [email protected] 
Please include the following information in your correspondence:
1. Full Name
2. Brief Bio about yourself to be included on every article and Consultant Directory. For example, Click here
3. A current, active email address. Please indicate if you would like viewers to have the ability to respond directly to you via email.
4. The Subject(s) and Topic(s) you feel would best display your work, even if not currently available.
5. Attach a URL where the article may be viewed, the complete file or copy and paste directly into the body of the email your Article or Lesson Plan. Images and links are welcome at this time. Please correspond in plain text rather than HTML. 
6. The ideal length is between 300 and 1500 words. If the length exceeds this limit, consider creating 2 separate submission requests with links between each.
7. Check back often to admire your work! Well done! 
Can I promote my articles outside of Lesson Tutor?We encourage our Consultants to promote their material outside of Lesson Tutor’s site. However, Lesson Tutor cannot be held accountable for any outside promotion. You are encouraged to place links to your articles from other sites, however the links must be based on the merits, or content of your article.