Lesson Tutor : Elements of Music Notation

Elements of Music Notation : Note Values
by Elaine Ernst Schneider and Joanne Mikola

Whole Note
whole note
Four beats equal one whole note.
Half Note
half note
Two half notes make a whole.
Quarter Note
quarter note
Two quarter notes make a half note
Four quarter notes make a whole note
Eighth Note
eighth note2 eighth notes
Two eighth notes = 1 quarter note
Sixteenth Note
2 sixteenth notes
Two sixteenth notes make one eighth.
Thirty Second Note
2 thirtysecond notes
Two 32nd notes = one sixteenth note
Whole Rest
whole rest
Worth 4 beats, like the Whole Note
Half Rest
half rest
Worth 2 beats, like the half note
Quarter Rest
quarter rest
Worth one beat, like the quarter note
Eighth Rest
eighth rest
Worth half a beat, like 1 eighth note
Sixteenth Rest
sixteenth rest
Worth a half an eighth rest.
Thirty Second Rest
thirtysecond rest
Worth half of a sixteenth rest.
‘Hold’ dot
the hold-half-a-beat dot
Used with notes and rests to add half a beat again the note or rest value.

Every note group adds up to 4 counts:
whole note and whole rest



half note, half rest


quarter note, quarter rest
quarter note, quarter rest
quarter note, quarter rest
quarter note, quarter rest

eighth notes and 8th rests
sixteen notes and rests

Assignment : Worksheet 2 : Worksheet 3

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