Lesson Tutor Grammar Pretest: Nouns

Nouns: Pre-Test
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

How many nouns are in the following sentences?  Do not include pronouns.

1. Mr. Johnson sat at his desk and twirled the gnarled pencil with his fingers.

2. The sand in the hourglass poured relentlessly through the tiny opening, marking the passing of precious time.

3. The baseball team wrapped up another winning streak with a 4-1 score in their final game.

4. Love is an interesting entity that cannot be touched yet is within the reach of those bodies who will acknowledge that it exists.

5. Timmy and his sister ran from the old dilapidated shack, convinced they had seen a ghost.

6. The flock of birds consisted of one leader and several other birds that made up the typical “V” formation.

7. The address on the envelope suggested the possibility of Mexico, though it was beyond absolute recognition.

8. The thirsting plant lifted its parched face upward to receive each tiny drop of rain.

9. The book you want is located on the second shelf of the bookcase in the den.

10. Mrs. Jeffrey wants us to attend the celebration dinner that is to be served tonight.

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