Lesson Tutor: Language Arts: Predicate Adjectives

Predicate Adjectives Worksheet

1) Print this page.
2) Use parentheses to set off all prepositional phrases. Do not look for predicate adjectives within prepositional phrases.
3) Circle the linking verb.
4) Underline the predicate adjective.
1. Great men are not always wise.2. Peter and Paul were faithful in many ways.

3. A good name is priceless.

4. The day is cold and dark.

5. We should be reasonable.

6. No one is good at this.

7. The sword is quick and powerful.

8. The rich man is wealthy beyond imagination.

9. The sky grew dark as the storm approached.

10.  His trumpet sounds squeaky.

11. This is shoddy. Isn’t it poor?

12. The hamburger tasted greasy.

13. I became hungry late in the evening.

14. The pie smelled delicious!

15. They seemed irritated by our behavior.

16. The ironed shirt still felt warm.

17. She is so pretty!

18. I am feeling ill.

19. The old man was extremely lovable.

20. She remained haughty throughout the entire discussion.
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