Lesson Tutor : Consecutive lesson plans and worksheets for Language Arts Grammar Grade 9

Grammar Grade 9
Grammar Curriculum
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

Pretest : Nouns 

Define the term ‘noun’ and differentiate between concrete, common and proper nouns.

Pretest : Pronouns

Define the term ‘pronoun’; differentiate between personal, possessive, interrogative, indefinite and demonstrative  pronouns; identify the eight parts of speech.

Define and give examples of the following terms: adjective, noun, pronoun, articles and modify.

Pretest : Verbs

Define the term ‘verb’; differentiate between action and linking verbs; distinguish between active and passive voice.

Verb Usage: Tense and Conjugation
Great review assignment for grade 6 and 7 as well.

Define the term ‘adverb’. Identify and justify examples of adverbs from a sentence.

Prepositional phrases generally contain the preposition and an object of the preposition. Objects of the preposition MUST be nouns. Subjects and verbs can NEVER be found in prepositional phrases.

The Conjunction
Learn about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Aha! The answer to interjections, what they are, and what they do!

Two, Too, and To – Who Knew?
The most infamous homonyms are finally explained.

That Dratted Apostrophe 
Sometimes used for plural forms of words, but mostly not. Certainly used to denote possession . . . except with those pesky possessive pronouns. What ARE the rules? you ask.

Lie and Lay – Whatever.

Sit or Set – Does it Matter?
Do you sit it down or set it down? Then does it sit on its own or set on its own once it is there? Learn the answers!

Lose It or Loose It – There’s a Difference

Is It Farther or Further? 
Two words often confused – learn the key for knowing the difference.

How Does the Effect Affect You? – Another Grammatical Riddle 

Irregular Verbs: First Person Crossword Exercise 
Joanne Mikola

Printable Work Sheet: Predicate Nouns
includes answer page
Elaine Ernst Schneider

Printable Work Sheet: Predicate Adjectives
includes answer page
Elaine Ernst Schneider

Mozart/Beethoven Grammar and Creative Writing Assignment
Practice the five parts of a letter:  heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Adapted for Grade 5-7; Gr. 8-9; and 10-12.
Elaine Ernst Schneider