Lesson Tutor : Pronouns Pretest

Pronouns Pretest
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

How many pronouns are in the following sentences? Be sure to include personal, possessive, indefinite, interrogative, demonstrative, and reflexive.

1. He sat beneath the shimmering sky, entranced by the beauty of each star’s pronouncement of its mission to enlighten a corner of the world.

2. “The mistake is all mine,” she admitted willingly, deeply moved by the consequence of her action.

3. The men in the room each drew a straw to determine who would take the watch until morning.

4. Love is an interesting entity that cannot be touched yet is within the reach of those bodies who will acknowledge that it exists.

5. This is the essence of the message he was about to deliver to them.

6. They did not know themselves exactly how the situation would end.

7. I myself know it is unusual to announce the person who must carry on, but that is exactly what I plan to do.

8. She is not sure who the recipient should be.

9. These are the cutest shoes I have ever seen!

10. The teacher asked her to report on that later.

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