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It Can Really Add Up
Elaine Ernst Schneider

Small things can add up to become great things! Think about a penny. One penny is just one penny, but twenty-five pennies can add up to be the same amount as a quarter. Fifty pennies add up to be worth half a dollar and one hundred pennies make a whole dollar. So, one penny can be the start of something big!

A lot of things in life begin as one single unit. But one small thing can be the start of bigger things. How about a word? Just one little word. What can you do with a word? You can put it with other words to complete a thought. We call that completed thought a sentence. If we combine several sentences, we’ll soon have a paragraph. Then, we could put some paragraphs together and make story. All of this from one little word!

How about a drop of water? One drop of water isn’t much to drink if you are really thirsty; is it? But if you fill a glass with drops of water, then you have enough to drink. Think what you could do with lots and lots of drops. Maybe you could fill a bucket or a fish pond or even a swimming pool!

Can your life make a difference? You bet! You might think you are only “one person.” But one person can make another person feel happy. And one person can walk away when someone is making fun of someone else. One person can be kind to an elderly lady. One person can refuse to cheat on the test. Then what happens when one OTHER person does the same thing? And then maybe a third person will join with the two of you.

Be a person who makes a difference. It can really add up.

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