Lesson Tutor : Introduction to Music Notation

Elements of Music Notation
by Elaine Ernst Schneider and Joanne Mikola


Five parallel, equidistant lines with spaces in between.
        BAR LINE
A vertical line placed in a STAFF to mark off MEASURES
MEASURE Part of a STAFF set off by BAR LINES
CLEF  Treble Clef
 Bass Clef
Musical symbol that names lines and spaces. There are two :
TREBLE Clef and BASS Clef
– Also called the “G” clef because the loop at the bottom wraps around the line on a staff for the ‘G’ note above middle ‘C’.
– The Lines designate the following notes, in order from the bottom, up : E,G, B, D, F. – This is easily remembered by using the mnemonic “Every Good Boy Does Fine”
– The spaces are for the notes F, A, C, E, in order from the bottom up.
– Also called the “F” clef as the dots are placed above and below the line marking ‘F’ below middle ‘C’.
– The lines are labelled G, B, D, F, A or “Good Boys Do Fine Always”
– The spaces are called A, C, E G or “All cows eat grass”
LEDGER LINES Lines added above or below the staff. In the picture (left) both notes with ledger lines indicate middle C.
All together: C to C to C

Click here for a printable copy of  blank sheet music.

Assignment : Worksheet 1

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