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How To Get Hired Home Page

Applying for a Teaching Position
Marketing yourself and showcasing your skills are essential to land the job of your choice. Learn how.  Elaine Ernst Schneider

Blueprint for a Winning Resume
Elizabeth Turner & Elaine Ernst Schneider

Sample Cover Letter
Elizabeth Turner with Elaine Ernst Schneider

Interviewing for a Teaching Position
Successful interviewing skills are not limited to job applicants – interviewers need help too. Learn about the questions that need to be asked to evaluate both. Joanne Mikola & Elaine Ernst Schneider

Enter Stage Fright… I mean Right.
Being prepared for that important interview or your first day of teaching will get you to the door. Then what do you do? Joanne Mikola

Delivering a Persuasive Speech 
By understanding appropriate public speaking techniques, anyone can learn how to prepare and deliver a persuasive speech. Douglas A. Parker