Lesson Tutor : Resume Blueprint

Blueprint for a Winning Resume
by Elizabeth Turner, and Elaine E. Schneider
Your Name

Health status,
of birth,

To use my education, experience, and proven people skills in the role of an effective, professional classroom teacher.


Education: – From current to earliest
– Detail any courses/degrees/certificates
completed. Include place and dates.

List any seminars and/or workshops attended that relate to the
applied for. Especially useful if there are unaccounted for periods of
time between full time educational experiences or gaps in employment

Development Optional

Work Experience:
– From latest to earliest
– List dates / name of company or school / and position held
– Always outline how the position readied you for becoming a teacher by listing first the duties that can prove your ability with people.  For example if the position was as a receptionist, say something like:  “As the first contact for our customers, it was my responsibility to make a favorable impression on our clients.” Include your student teaching experience.

– Do this with each job you have held.
Related Experience:
– Enter any additional skills here, like language, CPR, certification in other areas.
Highlight anything that proves your desirability as an effective classroom teacher.
– In this area, add what your favorite activities are and any volunteer work that you may have done, even if it was helping coach a little league team etc. You want to make sure that all of the activities that you list are “people oriented”  like dance, community theater, and any sports teams. Particularly emphasize any activities that were with children.

– Most school applications require three to five, with names and contact information.
Have at least one former employer; also, someone who can tell about your experience with children and/or teaching. Try to make one reference someone of community standing, like a minister etc. or a personal reference.