Lesson Tutor: American Sign Language (ASL)/Signed English (SEE) Lessons: Grassland Animals

American Sign Language Series II Lesson 4: Grassland, Water and Zoo Animals
By Elaine Ernst Schneider
'kangaroo' sign using asl
'alligator' sign using sign language 'elephant' sign in American sign language
how to sign 'giraffe' using sign language
'frog' sign 'lion' sign using ASL
'monkey' sign using ASL
'tiger' sign using American sign language 'hippopotamus' using sign language
'zebra' sign ASL
ASL sign for 'snake' ASL sign for shark!
Series II Lesson 4: Grassland, Water and Zoo Animals
Signs Description of Sign Action
alligator Starting with open hands slightly curved like alligator jaws, move hands together, interlocking fingers when they meet.
elephant Using a right curved “B” hand, trace an imaginary elephant’s trunk from your nose outward. 
frog Hold a closed right hand under the chin, palm facing down. Flick out right and middle fingers to indicate the jumping of a frog.
giraffe Place a right “C” hand at the neck and then move it upward and outward as if tracing the exceptionally long neck of the giraffe.
hippopotamus Using curved hands, left tips up and right tips down, place fingertips together. Open hands wide and then close again, to imitate the opening and closing of a hippo’s mouth.
kangaroo Hold curved  “b” hands slightly in front of the body, palms down. Then move hands up and down twice to imitate the jumping of a kangaroo.
lion Hold a cupped open-fingered right hand at the forehead’s hairline. Then move the hand backward across the curve of the top of the head, illustrating the lion’s mane.
monkey With curved hands, pantomime scratching sides as a monkey would.
shark Place a right “B” hand between the fingers of theleft hand (two fingers on each side of the “B” hand). Hold hands in that position as you move them to the side. Hint: The right hand represents the shark’s fin that is visible above the water, which is illustrated by the left hand.
snake With a curved “V” hand (illustrating the fangs of the snake) move forward from the chin, slightly rotating the hand.
tiger Move open hands (fingers slightly bent) across the eyes and outward, illustrating the tiger’s stripes.
zebra Place open hands on the center of the chest and move both hands outward simultaneously.

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