Lesson Tutor: American Sign Language: Travel Terms

American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE)
Series 3 Lesson 12: Travel Terms
By Elaine Ernst Schneider


how to sign hotel in asl
signing cab or taxi
pay in asl
  taxi or cab
Click here to review ‘motel’
 Click here to review ‘money’


asl sign for bag or suitcase
how to sign 'room' in American sign language
restaurant in american sign language
 bag or suitcase


how to sign 'key'
signing 'vacation'
asl sign for plans

Suggested Activities:

  • Role play checking into a hotel, getting your room number, taking your suitcase to your room, and asking where the restaurant is located.
  • An additional scene could be in the restaurant where you role play ordering a meal.
  • RULES: No voice, all signs. If you don’t know the sign for a word, fingerspell.
  • You may wish to review numbersdirection signs, and food signs from previous lessons before beginning.
Signs Description of Sign Action
bag, suitcase Dangle right arm at your side, grasping an invisible bag or suitcase handle.
cab, taxi Tap hand on top of your head to indicate the dome on top of a taxi.
hotel Make a right “H” hand and place it on the left index finger of a “D” sign, touching the little-finger edge of the right hand to the left finger tip. Then move the “H” fingers back and forth to represent the flickering of a hotel’s sign.
key Touch a right crooked finger on the palm of the left palm (turned inward) and twist the right hand forward 180 degrees as if turning a key in a lock.
pay Place the right slightly bend hand in the palm of the left upturned hand. Then move the right hand out of the left, as if removing money from it.
plans Face open flat palms toward each other, fingers pointing forward. Move both hands simultaneously to the right in several movements, hesitating slightly between motions as if sectioning off the parts of a plan. Alternate sign: Some signers move the hands to the right and then to the left, rather than in one direction.
restaurant Touch the fingertips of a right “R” hand to the right side of the lips.
room Place “R” hands to the front of the body with palms facing. Then rotate both wrists so that the left “R” hand is close to the body and the right hand is further away (palms of both hands facing inward).
vacation Place the thumbs of open hands (palms facing each other) on the chest. Tap the chest twice.

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