Lesson Tutor: ASL Finish Phrases

American Sign Language (ASL) Series 3 Lesson 6: Finished Phrases
By Elaine Ernst Schneider

asl sign for home
asl sign for work
asl sign for finished
asl sign for you

Have you finished your homework?

asl sign for movie
asl sign for finish

The movie is over.

asl sign for finish
asl sign for me
asl sign for better
asl sign for now

I feel better now that I have taken the medicine.

asl sign for car
asl sign for broken
asl sign for finish

The car is broken beyond repair.


Signs Description of Sign Action
better Touch lips with the fingertips of the right flat hand (fingers together.) Then move the hand across the lips and to the right of the head, ending in the “a” hand position. Note: This sign’s meaning comes from the association of giving something a taste and then affirming something good with a “thumbs-up.”
broken Pantomine holding a stick as if intending to break it. Snap it in half sharply downwards.
car “c” hand hovers over left fist, then moves up imaginary steering column of car
finish, finished Hold open hands (fingers spread) in front of chest, palms facing inward. With a sudden movement, rotate wrists so that palms face outward.
home Use a closed right hand, all four fingers touching the thumb, to touch the right side of the face, first at the chin and a second time on the right cheek bone near the ear.
me Point to self, mid-chest.
medicine Use the right middle finger to make a small counter-clockwise circle in the left palm.
movie Hold the right hand, fingers spread, slightly behind the left hand, fingers closed and palm down. Move the right hand side to side to indicate film moving through a projector.
now Bend hands, palms upward, and drop both hands from chest level to the waist.
work Tap the right “s” hand on the back of the left “s” hand.
you Point in the direction of where someone is located. If no one is there, point to an “imaginary” person.

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