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Elementary Printing and Cursive Skills

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Left-Handed Kids
Left Is Right : The Survival Guide for Living Lefty in a Right Handed World...
"Some lefthanded children make great advances when set to "tracing" correct letters and patterns rather than copying from a removed source (book or board)" from This information was filed away until recently when I was brainstorming with a friend to think of ways to help her son's penmanship (end of Grade 2). Her son is "pleasantly plump" with an easy going, laid-back attitude towards life. But his weight is now handicapping his ability to print. The fine motor skills required to form letters using a pencil are sabotaged by his restricted ability to bend his wrist and fingers and a generalized weakness in both his upper and lower arm. This in turn leads him to over-size his letters. On a recent test, this contributed partially to a poor grade on a written answer. Due to his exaggerated printing size, he only had "room" to print one out of four possible answers. (He did not know that he "was allowed" to print 'outside' of the lines, or the back of the page, etc.) Another suggestion we were working with was to increase his strength and endurance through graduated lengths of assignment sittings. So the idea of the following exercises were developed with him in mind. Progressively decreasing sized tracing and printing worksheets, optional length of assignment, no 'creative component to distract concentration, and hopefully, a story he would enjoy reading when all was done. JM

Short Stories used for the first 4 printing worksheets are adapted from:
52 Children's Moments. A Treasure for Every Week of the Year. The complete unabridged e-book version is available for sale in the Shop @LT

Different Isn't Always Bad
This original short story serves as the background for extended tracing practice of letters, spacing, and punctuation suitable for Grades 1 - 3. Elaine Ernst Schneider June 9, 2001

It Really Can Add Up
Learn how easy it is to make a difference in your own or someone else's life. Tracing worksheet for penmanship practice without the distraction of reading and/or 'creating' . Elaine Ernst Schneider June 6, 2001

The Key
An original short story on life lessons in problem solving. Printable worksheet format for printing practice Grade 1 - 3. Elaine Ernst Schneider, June 1, 2001

Apples of Gold
It is important to know when to say words of kindness to make someone feel better. Printable short story with decreasing font sizes for tracing, printing and reading practice. 
Elaine Ernst Schneider,  June 1, 2001

A Walk in the Woods
An original short story on teaching and learning independence. Printable worksheet format for printing and reading practice Grade 1 - 3. Joanne Mikola, May 30, 2001

Tips for Legible Penmanship
Does your student, or child, tend to rip the paper written on, or run the letters together into an illegible mess? Here are some remedial strategies to try that really work.
by Elaine Ernst Schneider, July 2, 2001

Chalking Up the Summer
It is enjoyable to see what the kids create and listen to them explain how they see the world through their eyes.  by Jodi Jill , July 2, 2001



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