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The Latest in Home Edu-tainment: The Science Lab 
Just because you dropped science at the first opportunity doesn’t mean your children won’t excel at it. Give them their own (learning) toys and relax. Your Kid is Smart
If your kid is gifted, he or she rneeds extra help from home. Here are some helpful hints from someone who was a gifted kid not too long ago.

Gifted Kids’ Bill of Rights 
10 Expectations of a gifted child for himself and others.

Should your child skip a grade?
Skipping can be a positive experience under the right circumstances, and it certainly should be considered if your kid is really bright. Convincing others of the benefits is the bigger challenge.

D.A.R.E. to Admit It Doesn’t Work
The anti-drug programs in our schools (DARE) are a waste of time and may be counterproductive.

Authority and Education
Why does the argument from authority come up so much in this field?

Letting Them Teach
What are we doing to our best teachers?

Girls, Role Models, and Self-Esteem
Who should you listen to? Who should your daughter listen to?