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Algebra Grade 9

I have always hated math. When I decided to homeschool I never thought past the basic four- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When my oldest announced that he wanted to be an engineer and an astronaut, I panicked!
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by Elaine Ernst Schneider

Basic Algebra – Lesson 1 – Evaluating algebra expressions
Learn to define these terms: variable; algebraic expression; signs of operation; order of operations.

Basic Algebra – Lesson 2 
When you take information from a sentence and turn it into a mathematical expression, it is called “translating.”

Algebra Lesson 3 – Solving for X
When you solve for x, you want to “isolate” the x on one side of the equal sign.

Algebra Lesson 4 – Order of operations
What if there are no parentheses or brackets? How do you know which to do first? Add, divide, multiply? Learn the order of operations and you’ll never have to worry, again.

Algebra Lesson 5 – Expressions from equations
By the end of this lesson the student will be able to: turn word sentences into algebraic expressions.

Algebra Lesson 6 – Balancing equations to solve variables
By the end of this lesson the student will be able to balance equations to solve for variables (solve for ‘x’)

Algebra Lesson 7 – Using equations to solve puzzles
Learn to set up an equation that “matches” in numbers what the puzzle expresses in words. Then, solve for the variable.

Algebra Lesson 8 The equation behind an old trick
For years, mathematicians have been solving the following puzzle to the amazement of their students.

Algebra Lesson 9 – Positives and negatives on a number line
The best way to “see” negative and positive numbers is to look at a number line

Algebra Lesson 10 – Absolute values
The concept of absolute value is important when adding positive and negative numbers

Algebra Lesson 11 – Additive inverses
Adding opposites using negatives and positives.

Algebra Lesson 12 – Multiplying positives and negatives
As we learned last lesson: Additive Inverses are opposites. Two numbers are opposites if their sum equals zero. When this principle is used in multiplication, these three rules of thumb emerge.

ALGEBRA – Fun Things to Know 
Amaze your friends! Confound the wise! Try these fun math problems.