Lesson Tutor : Bee Worksheet (True/False)

Bee Worksheet (true/false)
by Lisa Hawkins

A Bee Review



Read each statement carefully, then write T (true) or F (false) after the statement.

1. All honey tastes the same.    _____

2. Honey is stored by the bees in a honeycomb.   _____

3. Bears and skunks eat bees.   _____

4. Bee scouts attend weekly meetings and wear uniforms.   ____

5. Bees are hairy so they can pollinate flowers, wasps are not hairy and do not pollinate flowers.   _____

6. Bees have 2 main body sections the head and thorax.   _____

7. Killer African bees were brought to Brazil to increase honey production and accidentally got let go in the wild.   _____

8. Honey bees may sting over and over again.   _____

9. Without bees some trees and plants could not survive.   _____

10. Bees have six legs.   _____

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