Lesson Tutor : Bee Activities Continue

Bee Activities Continue
by Lisa Hawkins

These activities go along with my other articles, making a complete bee unit study.
The more flowers you have the more bees you will attract. Lets say you plant 5 flowers and attract 2 bees. As your flowers double so do the amount of bees you attract. How many bees would you attract if you planted 10 flowers, 20 flowers, or 30 flowers?

Draw and label each stage of the honey bee.

Use Bee words in your spelling list this week.

Bees produce wax from their thorax. Do you produce any wax?

Bees communicate by dancing. Have you ever seen anyone who communicates by dance? Try to see someone doing interpretive dance or hula dancing.

Honey Bees were first brought to America from Holland in 1638. They were German or Black bees. What other animals can you name that do not live in America? What foods can you name that came from other countries?

Later Bees were brought from Italy and Holland and other countries in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Label a world map with the continents and color in the areas where the bees came from.

A honey bee will fly from one apple blossom to another apple blossom, staying with the same kind of blossom. What would happen if it went from an apple blossom to a cherry blossom and then to a plum tree?

Killer Honey Bees are originally from Africa where they have quite a few natural predators. What happened when the Bees were moved to Brazil where they had few predators? What other examples can you give of nature going crazy when manipulated by humans?

Make a bee notebook. Keep all your bee related information in this notebook.

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