LessonTutor : Bee Activities

Bee Activities
by Lisa Hawkins

These activities go along with my other articles about bees. View them all to get the complete unit study.

Bees have exoskeletons. That means they have no bones on the inside. All of their bodies protection is on the outside. Talk about what internal and external means. Relate it to things in the child’s life, such as internal and external medicines (antibiotic cream and cough medicine are some examples).

With an adult’s help: Try to find an unused wasp or bees nest and examine it. We have wasps building nests all the time on our porch. We spray them and knock them down at night when the bees are asleep. Then we make sure no one is home before letting our kids examine the nest. Please be careful doing this. As with all the projects, we are trying to help the child feel more comfortable around this insect… it will not help if someone gets stung during the unit.

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