Lesson Tutor : Let’s Study Bees by Lisa Hawkins

Let’s Study the Honey Bee
by Lisa Hawkins

Ahh yes, bees. Do your kids run and squeal when confronted by one? We decided to do this unit because my children were very afraid of bees. This study took us 3 weeks and really helped them. They are no longer terrified at the sight of a bee. They just look at the bee as another animal that has a job to do, and only tries to protect itself. This unit is not just about honey bees, but includes information on other types of bees and wasps.

If you are the type to plan ahead you may want to start by sending away for this:

A nice goodie for the price of a stamp. Request: What’s Buzzing Teachers guide. Mail to: Natl. Honey Board, Attention: Jami Yanoski, 390 Lashley Street, Longmont, CO 80501. Comes with a poster too!

Here are some books you may want to check out from your local library: The True Book of Honeybees by John Lewellen (highly recommend this one); A Bee is Born by Harald Doering; The Hive and the Honeybee, publisher Dandant and Sons

My other articles include many bee activites, field trips, worksheets, games, crafts and goodies.

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