Lesson Tutor: Learning Foreign Languages Lesson Plans

Learning Another Language

Introduce yourself to American Sign Language (ASL) and/or Signed English (SE)
Get started learning the alphabet and number signs and then work on increasing your vocabulary with our introductory series of free on-line lessons. Free printable worksheets and puzzles included for review. Elaine Ernst Schneider

Beyond ASL Basics
Start improving on your signing grace and speed to the rhythm of a familiar tune. Take advantage of our affordable, fully reproducible teaching and learning extras in the Shop@LT. Complete classic and traditional songs and verses are already adapted for signs and illustrated by our own Elaine Ernst Schneider. From The Star Spangled Banner to O! Canada, Silent Night and other carols, printable flashcards and puzzles – we have a little something for everyone.

Multi Lingual Center presents three Spanish Lessons:

  1. The verb ‘Estar’
  2. Prepositions ‘Por’ and ‘Para’
  3. Expressions using the word ‘Hay’

Foreign Language Curriculum: Getting Started 
coming soon… French, Spanish and German lessons including lots of learning activities. Holly Furgason

Spanish Lesson: ACTION!
Foreign language (Spanish) ACTION words are easy to integrate into fun activities for any aged learner.
Holly Furgason

Spanish Lesson: Face to Face
Touch and point to facial features, like eyes, ears mouth and nose – in Spanish, of course!
Holly Furgason