Lesson Tutor: Spanish Language Lesson

Spanish Lesson – Action!
by Holly Furgason

Please review the guidelines for this lesson before starting.

The first set of commands are singular and should be used with only one child. The second set of commands are plural and should be used for two or more children.

Stop! Alto!
Stand up!  Parate!  Parense!
Sit down!  Sientete!  Sientense!
Walk!  Camina! Caminen!
Run!  Corre! Corran!
Jump!  Salta!  Salten!
Walk quickly!  Camina rapido!  Caminen rapido!
Run quickly!  Corre rapido!  Corran rapido!
Jump quickly!  Salta rapido!  Salten rapido!
Walk slowly!  Camina despacio! Caminen despacio!
Run slowly!  Corre despacio!  Corran despacio!
Jump slowly!  Salta despacio! Salten despacio!

Daily Phrases: 
Good morning! Buenos dias!
Good bye! Adios!
Duck, Duck, Goose

Use the game to practice the commands- Stand up!  Run!  Sit down!
The word for duck is “pato” and the word for goose is “ganso”

Este Puente (London Bridge)

Este puente va a caer, a caer, a caer.
(This bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.)

Este puente va a caer sobre éste(a).
(This bridge is falling down on this one.)

Sung to the tune of “London Bridge”. Two children join hands and form an arch. The other children walk under the arch while singing. The two children bring there hands down on the last word, trapping the one child. That child then takes one person’s place in forming the bridge.