Lesson Tutor: ASL Clip Art

American Sign Language Clip Art Alphabet

Aasl.gif  n Nasl.gif
b Basl.gif o Oasl.gif
c Casl.jpg p Pasl.gif
d Dasl.gif q Qasl.gif
e Easl.gif r Rasl.gif
f Fasl.gif s Sasl.gif
g Gasl.gif t Tasl.gif
h Hasl.gif u Uasl.gif
i Iasl.gif v Vasl.gif
j Jasl.gif w Wasl.jpg
k Kasl.jpg x Xasl.gif
l Lasl.gif y Yasl.gif
m Masl.gif z Zasl.gif


To save these pictures to your computer:

1. Place and click your cursor anywhere on a picture. A black frame will appear.
2. Right click while the frame is showing. A grey menu list will appear
3. Highlight and click “Save image as…” Another grey box will open.
4. There are 3 ‘variables’ within this box that you can leave as is, or edit.
a) “Save in..” Your computer will have chosen a destination as shown in the window. You can alter it if you normally keep your files, folders or graphics elsewhere.
b) “File name…” You should see the same name as typed beside each picture here. You can leave it or change its name now.
c) “Save as type…” The type extension that the original has used is identified as everything after the dot. Most are .gif ; some are .jpg. Leave it unless you have a compelling reason to change it.
5. Click Save. Done. Repeat for each.

Other Notes about these graphics:

– All of these pictures have been made using the Gallaudet font. This is available in most standard programs like Microsoft Word and Netscape Composer. If you don’t see it listed in the Font window of choices, look in the “Other” list at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in typing in this font larger than size 36. The graphics program does allow me to make each letter size 72, as shown above. If you find size 36 large enough to see the details, then don’t bother to save any of these pictures. Just type away.

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