Lesson Tutor : Introducing Jules Verne

Jules Verne
1828 –1905
By Elaine Ernst Schneider

Jules Verne was a French author. He loved exploring the “why” of things. First, he studied law. Then Jules turned to literature. He wrote about spacecraft, guided missiles, submarines, and helicopters before they were even invented. Jules Verne imagined space travel and inventions such as the aqua lung. His love of science caused him to study the earth and the human body. Then he used the knowledge he acquired to write adventures. For example, Journey to the Center of the Earth takes the reader beneath the earth’s crust by entering through a volcano. Jules’ love for travel and places is seen in his book Around the World in Eighty Days.

Jules Verne’s work was always exciting – and just as popular now as it was in the 1800’s. He was an extraordinary man far in advance of the time in which he lived.  Because his fantasy adventures introduced the first elements of imaginary science, Jules Verne is known as the “Father of Science Fiction.”

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Write a letter of introduction as if you are Jules Verne. The letter should tell interesting information that would make Jules a candidate for an elite club of retired scientists. You may want to do additional research to make your letter believable. Start your letter:

Hi. My name is Jules Verne.

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