Lesson Tutor : Mozart/Beethoven English Assignment.

Beethoven/Mozart English Writing Assignment
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

Although Beethoven’s acquaintance with Mozart was short, Mozart was
impressed by Beethoven’s talent. Perhaps Mozart and Beethoven
corresponded. It would certainly have been in keeping with the times for
Mozart to have taken it upon himself to mentor the younger musician.


Review Classical Composer series: Mozart and Beethoven
Write a letter that Mozart might have sent to Beethoven after the young
Beethoven was forced to return to Bonn because of his mother’s death.
What do you think Mozart might have said to encourage Beethoven to
continue with his music studies?


Grades 5-7, write a letter of two paragraphs. Be sure to use the five parts of
the letter:  heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature.

Grades 8-9 should also include the five parts of the letter but they should
write at least three paragraphs.

Grades 10-12 should include the five parts of the letter and should endeavor to
use the vernacular of the time period in which Mozart and Beethoven lived.

Letters may be graded according to the following scale: 
Heading – 5 points
Salutation – 10 points
Body – 50 points
Closing – 10 points
Signature – 5 points
Creativity – 20 points


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