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Creative Writing – I AM A FISH
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

To do this creative writing lesson, you must become a fish. You must think like a fish, eat like a fish, and swim like a fish.

You live in the ocean and your home is near the shoreline. You love the warmth of the sun shining on your fins as you swim in the more shallow waters near the land. There’s just one problem – people.

The tourists come to the ocean. And with them, they bring their candy wrappers and soft drink cans. They throw these into the water. It has become such a problem that the sunlight can hardly filter through the pollution in your beautiful ocean home.

You’ve decided to let someone know about the problem. You will write the newspaper.

Elementary: Write a letter to your local newspaper. Be sure to put your return address as the sea. Look in the phone book for the correct address of the newspaper. Begin your letter with Dear Editor.

Junior High and High School: You may want to write a larger news organization like an international television station or a magazine like Time. Approach the topic from the angles of both environment and economics. What will be left for future generations if the environment isn’t considered? What would clean-up likely cost and will it be less expensive the sooner we start? What would be more logical – pollution prevention education now or massive clean-up of dead sea life ten years from now? Let the fish do the talking.

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