Lesson Tutor: American Sign Language ASL lesson: Simple answers and common phrases

American Sign Language Series III Lesson 1: Simple Answers and Beginning Phrases
By Elaine Ernst Schneider

good bye
thank you
(you’re) welcome
good…….  (to…)


Signs Description of Sign Action
good Make the “thank you” sign, but let the back of the right hand fall to rest in the palm of the extended left hand. (The only difference between “thank you” and “good” is that the sign for “good” ends in the palm of the left hand, while the “thank you” sign finishes in mid-air.)
good bye Wave “good-bye”!
hello Place hand on forward as if to salute (but not as rigid). Move hand outward, ending up with palm facing forward in the air just a few inches from the forehead.
no Using the right hand, close the thumb and first two fingers together once.
please Use right hand, flat, fingers together. Rub in a circular motion mid-chest.
see Using a right “v” hand, hold fingertips of the “v” directly in
front of eyes. Then move the right hand outward as if extending vision.
sorry Move “s” hand in a circular motion mid-chest.
thank you With open hand, touch lips, and then extend hand outward, keeping palm facing the face (as if throwing a thank-you kiss).
yes Using right “s” hand, move the wrist to make the “s” fist go down, up, then down again, as if it is someone’s head shaking a “yes” acknowledgement.
you Point in the direction of where someone is located. If no one is there, point to an “imaginary” person.
you’re welcome Touch forehead with the index finger of the “w” hand, then touch chest with the wrist of that same “w” hand. The motion will be somewhat semi-circular, as if you are inviting or welcoming someone to be close to you.
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