Lesson Tutor: Learning American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English: Pets lesson

American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE)
Series II Lesson 3: Pets
By Elaine Ernst Schneider

use the 'c' hand to trace a cat's whiskers away from your face.
signing 'kitten' using asl 'pony' in asl
'fish' motion using American sign language
signing 'turtle' using sign language
'rabbit' in sign language
'lizard' in asl
'hamster' in ASL 'bird' in ASL

ASL/SE Series II Lesson 3: Pets


Signs Description of Sign Action
bird Place the right “G” hand at the right side of the mouth with fingers pointing forward, as if to create a bird’s beak. Open and close the finger and thumb once or twice to emulate the movement of a bird’s beak.
cat (ASL) Index finger and thumb trace a cat’s whiskers from the cheek outwards.
cat (SE) Use the “C” hand to trace a cat’s whiskers from the cheek outwards.
fish A waving right hand leads the left slightly as it swims along.
hamster Gently glance across the tip of the nose with the tip of the index finger used in forming the “H” sign. Repeat motion.
kitten Use a “K” hand to trace a cat’s whiskers from the cheek outwards.
lizard A right “L” hand slithers across the open left palm.
pony Place the pointer finger of a “P” hand on the right temple and move the hand forward twice, gently rotating the wrist.
rabbit Place “U” hands one over the other, the back of the right wrist touching the inside of the left wrist. Move the fingers slightly as if the rabbit’s long ears are twitching.
turtle Place a right “A” hand under the curve of the left hand. Then move the right hand outward to show the head of the turtle gently poking out from under his shell.

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