Lesson Tutor American Sign Language and Signed English lessons: Emotions lesson.

American Sign Language Series III Lesson 2: Emotions and Feelings
By Elaine Ernst Schneider



Signs Description of Sign Action
angry Hold the right hand in front of the face, palm facing in. Bend and unbend fingers twice. Make an angry face as your hands make the sign.
bored Place the index finger of the right hand on the right nostril, rotating the wrist slightly to the front.
cold Two clenched fists ‘shivering’ about shoulder high.
happy Touch chest with closed fingers of both hands in a forward circular motion, as if “stirring” emotions of joy.
hot Take the hot (food) out of your mouth and drop it!
hungry Loosely, weakly hold an empty cup. Draw it down your throat to chest level.

Place the left hand just in front of the chest (not shown in illustration) and the right hand near the nose. Then move the hands forward while closing the thumb and index fingers until touching (all other fingers remaining extended).

sad Spread fingers and place hands several inches in front of the face, palms in . Move hands in a downward position to indicate a flow of tears.
sick Middle fingers, both hands, point to head (right) and chest (left) at the same time.
sleepy Hold a semi-open hand in front of your eyes, then close them gradually as you bring them down, to mimic closing your eyes.
thirst Right index finger traces a line down your throat as if following a drink down.
tired Place fingertips of bent “c” hands on upper chest. Move hands in a downward motion, pivoting the hands so that each finger touches the chest as the hands rotate into the final position where fingertips point upward, no longer touching the body.
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