Lesson Tutor American Sign Language Lesson 4 Numbers 1 – 10

American Sign Language (ASL)  Lesson 4: Numbers 1 – 10
By Elaine Ernst Schneider

Let’s count!

number 1one number 2two number 3three
4four 5five 6six
7seven ASL sign for 8eight ASL sign for number 9nine ASL sign for ten 10ten


Practice these numbers:
5,  7,   8,   10

Now practice these combinations:
33,  45,   89,   75

For the number one hundred, think about Roman numerals! “C” is used for hundreds. It is used for hundreds in American Sign Language as well. Sign “1 C” and you have signed one hundred. Sign “4 C” and you have signed four hundred.

Practice, practice!!
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