Lesson Tutor : Sign Language Lesson 10

American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE) Lesson 10: I can drive to…
By Elaine Ernst Schneider


I in American Sign Language
can in A.S.L.
hand sign for 'drive' using ASL
'to' sign
I (SE)


'the' sign in ASL
how to sign 'lake' using ASL
hills, mountains using sugn language
how to sign 'store' using sign language
lake *N.B. view from top


'house' in ASL
Make 'house' sign; touch fingers 3 times, like 3 houses.
'church' sign in ASL


Sign Description of Action
bank Make a left “c” hand. Then gently push the right open hand (palm down, fingers closed) through the space created by the “c” as if depositing money in a bank vault.
can Hold “a” hands in front of the chest area, thumbs pointing upward. Move both hands down firmly together, stopping at the waist.
church Make a left “s” hand and hold it with the palm facing downward. Place a right “c” hand on the back of the left hand. Note: The sign symbolizes that the church is set on the rock.
drive Hold an imaginary steering wheel with “D” fingers extended and following the curve of the wheel. Make small turns of the wheel left and right.
house Hold open hands (fingers together) in front of body with palms facing. Touch the fingertips to create a rooftop. Note: Some signers continue the image by moving the hands downward to trace the walls.
I (SE) Touch the “i” hand to the center of the chest.
lake Touch the thumbs of “L” hands held palm down in front of chest. With “L” hands, draw a circle, moving the hands outward and then forward, touching thumbs again when the circle meets further in front of the body.
mountain Touch the thumb of the closed right “s” hand to the back of the closed left “s” hand (this is the sign for “rock”). Then move both open hands, palms facing outward, upward in front of the body, as if outlining the side of an imaginary mountain.
store Touch fingertips and thumbs of both hands held slightly in front of the body. Then move hands forward twice as if dispensing money across a sales counter.
the Make the “t” sign with the right hand, letting the hand face palm forward. Then rotate hand inward in a semi-circle so that the palm faces inward.
to Move the right index finger to touch the left index finger.
town Make ‘house’ sign; touch fingers 3 times, like 3 houses.

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