Lesson Tutor: Egg in a Bottle Science Experiment

Egg in a Bottle
by Belinda Mooney 

This is a great science experiment that you can do with the kids. 

Materials Needed:

An apple juice bottle or cider bottle



A hard boiled egg

Sauce Pot

Instructions: Wash and dry the juice bottle.

  1.  Peel the egg.
  2. Cut or tear the newspaper into strips.
  3. Place the strips into the juice bottle.
  4. Light the strips on fire. Adult supervision required.
  5. When the paper starts to burn, place the egg over the opening of the bottle.
  6. Wait…..keep waiting….
  7. The egg will be pressed inside the bottle with a loud pop!

The pressure in the bottle was reduced when the fire used up the oxygen inside. The force of the air pressure outside of the bottle, pushed the egg inside. 


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