Explorer Research Sheet

Explorer Research Sheet







Country He Explored For:







Lands he discovered:

Bodies of water discovered or crossed:

Did he help conquer any certain group of people?

If yes, who?

Was he serving the Lord and spreading the gospel?

How was he remembered? Good or bad? Godly or ungodly? Kind or cruel?

What was the name of his ship or ships?

Tell something you liked or didn’t like about this person.




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Submitted by: Belinda Mooney
Belinda Mooney is a homeschool mom of 7 children in their 14th year of homeschooling. She enjoys writing unit studies, reading, crafts, cooking and working on her websites. Belinda has written articles for The Toybox and Joyfull Noise magazines. She has been asked to contribute history content to Learning and Teaching Scotland for high schools in Scotland.

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