Learning (Dis) Abilities: Autism

Games to Help Communication
Language skills usually evolve naturally in a normal family environment.  But what if 
your child isn’t taking to communication as readily as your other kids did?
Kandie Demarest

VIDEO GAMES – What are they good for? 
While my autistic son was delayed in language and social skills and had few interests outside of trains or videotapes, he was inspired, or shall we say obsessed, with one particular item. My Computer.
Kandie Demarest

ART IS EVERYWHERE. Encouraging Artistic Exploration and Expression 
Some autistic children are less drawn to typical art activities.  For these people we have to be a little more creative and brainstorm a little to find interesting and altered ways of taking part in art.
Kandie Demarest

Imitative Therapy: What Works for Us
Over the last few years, trying to work with my son’s autistic obsessions has led us to some surprisingly easy and effective teaching strategies. 
Kandie Demarest