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ACT Free Inference Sample Test Questions

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ACT Sample Test Review

Getting into the right college can determine a lot about your life and career. Well prepared exam takers rely on an ACT Test Study Guide to help them get ready for the test, while others may prefer ACT Test Flashcards. Don’t let procrastination stand in the way of your success.

The American College Testing Test (ACT) is a college admissions examination taken by high school-aged students to determine their readiness for college. Approximately the same numbers of students take the ACT as the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) as the ACT has increased in popularity in recent years. Results are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States as part of the admissions process. People of all ages are eligible to take the ACT, including adults and kids in middle school; the average age of ACT test takers is 16 or 17 years old.

Free ACT Practice Test

ACT English Practice Test

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The regular ACT consists of four sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Within the four sections there are a total of 215 multiple choice questions: 75 English questions in 45 minutes, 60 mathematics questions in 60 minutes, 40 reading questions in 35 minutes, and 40 science questions in 35 minutes.

There is also an option to take what is called the ACT Plus Writing which consists of the same sections and also 30-minute writing test. Students should find out whether any of the schools they are planning to apply to require the ACT Plus Writing exam or only the standard ACT. Even though all schools do not require the Writing test, many students elect to take it and still report their scores to show they are proficient in writing. The writing test consists of a single writing prompt in which the test taker will be asked to take a position on the issue presented. The score is not affected by the position that is taken but rather how well the position is articulated.

The ACT is offered six times throughout the year on various Saturdays. When registering online (the fastest registration method), test takers will select their preferred testing location. In some instances, registrants will be assigned to a different location-this is because the requested testing location was either full or unavailable. If there is not a Saturday testing center within 50 miles, test takers may be eligible for non-Saturday testing. In rare instances, some test takers will be eligible for arranged testing if both their religious beliefs do not allow them to test on Saturday and they are not located within 50 miles of a non-Saturday testing center.

The first registration deadline is a little over a month before the testing date. Registrants can still schedule to take the test following the first registration deadline, but a late fee of $22 will be assessed. The standard ACT test (without the writing section) costs $35. The ACT Plus Writing exam costs $50.25. All prices are subject to change.

It is important to know that there is no penalty for guessing when taking the test. Therefore, test takers are strongly encouraged to pace themselves so that they are able to answer every single question. A common test-taking strategy that applies to taking the ACT is to answer all of the easier questions first and then, as time allows, go back and spend more time on the more difficult questions to ensure an answer is provided for every question. For each of the four tests (or five if taking the writing test) an announcement will be made that there are five minutes remaining in that section.

Test takers are encouraged to take the test at least two months ahead of the application deadlines for the schools to which they are applying. Many elect to take the test even sooner for multiple reasons. First, many take the test before they begin applying to schools in order to avoid being overwhelmed during college application season. Additionally, many students want to allow time to retake the test if they want to improve upon their score, as many students take the test once in their junior year and again in their senior year. The test can be taken a total of 12 times. Students can also elect which specific scores to report to schools. Fifty-seven percent of those who retake the ACT increase their composite score. When deciding whether to retake the test, students should consider whether they will have more time to prepare for subsequent exams and if they felt their first score was not representative of their true ability and knowledge of the topics covered.

Naturally, students want to find out the scores of their test as soon as possible following completion of the exam. Scores are viewable online approximately two to eight weeks following the exam. Writing scores are posted approximately two weeks following the reporting of the composite score.

Test takers can choose to report scores to colleges and universities as late as the Thursday following the exam. Following the exam, a decision will need to be made as to whether a test taker felt they did well enough on the exam to report the score to schools. However, scores sent to schools cannot be cancelled once a test taker knows his or her score. Scores from previous tests can be sent, so it may be a good strategy to wait until a test taker knows his or her score to decide whether to send that score to a college or university.

Preparation is very important for the ACT, especially because it is an important part of a college applicant’s admissions package. Many tutoring and test preparation services offer guide books and study courses for the ACT.

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ACT Study Guide

Explore our free ACT review provided by Mometrix. Check out our premium ACT study guide to take your studying to the next level. If you benefit from these materials, just click the link below! To compliment our ACT book, we also offer extensive flashcards for even more ACT test prep help. We hope you enjoy our products! Your purchase helps us make more great, free content for test-takers just like yourself.

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Self-Assessment Modules:

Math Practice

    • Advanced Algebra
    • Advanced Math
    • Arithmetic
    • Averages and Rounding
    • Basic Algebra
    • Basic Math
    • Estimation and Sequences
    • Exponents
    • Fractions and Square Roots
    • Geometry
    • Graphs
    • Intermediate Math
    • Measurement
    • Percents and Ratios

ACT Math Practice Test

English Practice

  • Advanced Grammar
  • Advanced Reading Comprehension
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Basic Grammar
  • Basic Reading Comprehension
  • Commas
  • Inference: The Process
  • Intermediate Grammar
  • Nouns
  • Reading for the Main Idea
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Flow
  • Usage Test 1
  • Usage Test 2
  • Usage Test 3
  • Verbs
  • Writing Section 1
  • Writing Section 2

Subtraction Action

Multiplication Stations

Hooverville Problems

Who Ordered the Mango Mash?

Blender Blunders

Let’s Get Some Order in Here!

Decimal Dilemma

There’s a Pattern Here

An Ancient Chinese Puzzle

Addition Mission

Adding Money

What do You Like to Read?

World Religions

Leaders of the World

States and Capitals 3

States and Capitals 2

States and Capitals 1

State Abbreviations 3

State Abbreviations 2

State Abbreviations 1

Map of the United States

Landform Chart

Know Your States


The World Around Us

I Can Dream

Relate to the Leader

The Story of Christmas

On the Phone

Conflict Corner

Reading Comprehension

The Presidents of the Country

Know Thy Neighbor

Guess My Name

About Washington

Cracking Labor Day

Double Puzzle on Labor Day

Great Samaritans

People and Their Instruments

Work and You

Tiger Trivia

You Make My Heart Throb

Types of Invertebrates

Classification of Plants

They are Almost Dead


Divide and Conquer

Unlocking Multiplication

Madame Pomreeda’s Powers

Don’t Bug Me

Stir It Up

Witch’s Brew

Casting a Spell

Vampire Maze

Longing for Division

The Enchanted Forest

Keys to the Door

Simple Fractions

Easter Math Problems

Yes or No

Do Your Duties

Search for Your Clothes

Caramel Carnations

Tombstone Toss-up

The Vampire’s Cats

Peanut Butter n’ Jelly Picnic

Ghostly Parts of Speech

Get a Clue

Caught in the Web

Punctuation Practice

The Haunted Castle

I Have a Dream

Proofread the Dream

Summer Cool


Erstwhile Letters

Exploring Venus

Integers Addition

Locating the Eiffel Tower

Locating the Taj Mahal

Natural Calamity: Earthquakes

Rhyming Words

Three Dimensions

Clear the Confusion

It Could Always Be Worse

Count to Ten

Anansi and the Visitor

Three Strong Women

Stone Soup

Frog’s Fiesta

Two of Everything

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The Magic Tortilla

Tante Odette

Woolly and the Cave Kids: True or False

Woolly and the Cave Kids: What a Week!

Woolly and the Cave Kids: Word Meanings

Woolly and the Cave Kids: Word Usage

Know Your Nouns – IV

Know Your Nouns – III

The Cave Kids: Riddle Time

The Cave Kids: Picture That

The Cave Kids: Word Meanings

The Cave Kids: Word Usage

Telescope Decoder

More Than One

Present and Past

Synonyms Match

Antonyms at the Art Gallery

Beasley and Homophones

Maestro’s Mix-up

Bothoven’s Message

Perfect Tense

It’s Easy!

What’s the Adjective?

Fun with Homophones

Summer Holidays are Fun!

Do the Opposite!

Jimble Jumble

Favorite Festival

Biosphere Mix-Up Fix-Up

Take a Hike

Who’s in the Ocean!

Mort’s Stomachache

Robot Buffet

Place Values

Pretty Smart, Mort

We Need More Power!

More Juice

Mega Power Surge

Power Up!

Will Somebody Get the Door?

It All Multiplies

Around The World

Multiply into 5!

Sweet Tooth

Know Thy Rugby

Do You Know Him? II

Do You Know Him?

Locate and Color

Continents and Oceans

America, America

States and Capitals

My Home Rules

Good Habits

Bad Habits

Easter Essay

Laugh Riot

Research Report 3 & 4

Essay Writing: My Summer Vacation

Book Report 3 & 4

A Special Memory

World’s Best Father!

Make Them Sound Good

Locked Out

Antonyms: Step-by-Step

Sound Alikes

Fast and Fearless: Reflections

Fast and Fearless: Similar or Opposite?

Fast and Fearless: Word Meanings

Fast and Fearless

Paint’s Vacation: Reflections

Paint’s Vacation: True or False

Paint’s Vacation: Word Meanings

Prefix Perfect

Meanings, Spellings, and Matching

Pilings Puzzler

Machu Picchu

Predicates, Please

Subject Surprises

Adverb Adventure

Caves of Cumae

Batty About Verbs

Noun Gems

Words of the Past

Temple of Plurals

Blasting Off With Verbs

Beautiful Fruits

Spelling Duel

Months of the Year

Order by Alphabet

Wheel of Words

All About Adjectives

Love Affection Adoration

Put the Words in Place

Reading for Mom

Planet Positions

Hot or Cold?

Life Cycle of a Plant

Arranged in Order

Earthly Features

Growing a Plant

Know What They Are!

Plant and Sun

Football Fun

Do You Carry The Ball?