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Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching Children

The Seven Learning Styles
by Stacy Mantle May 1,  2001

Learning to Learn in Order to Teach - Introduction

Learning to Learn the Kinesthetic/ Tactual Way

Learning to Learn the Visual Way

Learning to Learn the Auditory Way
by Joanne Mikola February 24, 2001

How Your Children Think and Learn - Part 1 

How Your Children Think and Learn - Part 2 
by Debbie Tipton September 21, 2000

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America's Most Trusted Learning Expert, Pat Wyman, has created the most extensive resource of Instant Learning Strategies for Parents, Teachers, Corporate and Self-Employed Learners, Students, and Homeschoolers.

Children as Learners
Learning Resources is a search engine for the exchange of learning material and resources. Pédagonet est le service pour échanger des ressources pédagogiques.
All Kinds of Minds
Learrn about differences in learning, so that children who are struggling in school because of the way their brains are “wired” are no longer misunderstood.
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