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History - American - Grade 8

On-line jigsaw puzzle: United States and Territories circa 1840
Manifest Destiny was the dream that the US should stretch from sea to shining sea. During the 1840 - 50s, under President James K. Polk, several tracts of land were purchased from Spain and Mexico to realize the goal. Read more about it here.
To view the lyrics and history of the included song Woodman, Spare That Tree, click here. Map adapted from sources courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.  April 2, 2002

Lesson Tutor's 'Go Eat Your Homework' Series
Involve the whole family in learning about the community you live in. These vignettes of various locations as they are today and how they came to be, together with recipes that symbolize the unique flavors of the city, combine for a notable cultural and culinary diversion. Explore your roots - both edible and past, and show your child you are interested in what they're learning. And eating!
Boston - Boston Brown Bread in your Crock Pot; Boston Baked Beans
El Paso - Rosa's El Paso Chicken and Rice, Tex Mex Corn Bread and Frito Salad
Kansas City - Kansas City Barbecue Sauce; Kansas City Corn
Memphis - Memphis Blues Stew; Hopping John
Mobile - Southern Pecan Pie; Mr. Carver’s Peanut Brittle
New Orleans - Seafood Gumbo; Muffaletta Sandwich
New York City - New York Clam Chowder; New York Pizza Dough
Pittsburgh - Primanti Brothers Sandwich; Devonshire Sandwich
Salt Lake City - Oatmeal Cookies; Whole Wheat Muffins
San Francisco - San Francisco’s Monte Cristo Sandwich; San Francisco Golden Gate Burger

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