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Lesson Tutor : Creative Writing Grade 3 – 4

  /  Lesson Tutor : Creative Writing Grade 3 – 4

Creative Writing – 3rd/4th Grades
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

Basic writing skills should include correct spelling, strong sentence structure, and standard punctuation. For each of these lessons, you will write a short story. Have it corrected for the above-mentioned errors. Rewrite it and then put it in a notebook or on the refrigerator to admire!

The Topic:

In The Bowl
You and Mom are making cookies.  Mom turns around to turn the oven on, leaving you to stir the mixture in the bowl. Before your eyes, a cookie man pops us and begins to dance in the bowl. What do you do?

The Topic:

Talk, My Friend
It’s been a terrible day. You have gone to the stables to talk to your horse. Your horse is a friend. He will listen. As you pour out your heart to your horse, your friend, he nods his head as if he understands. Just then, you hear a rustling in the hay behind you. You turn to look but see no one. “It’s nothing,” a voice says. “Keep talking.” You quickly scan the entire barn for signs of a human. There is no one in the stable but you and your horse. Could the horse have talked?


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