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Verbs Pretest
by Elaine Ernst Schneider
February 14, 2001

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How many verbs are in the following sentences? Be sure to include linking and action, but do not mark infinitives, gerunds, or participles.

1. Susie wondered what wonderful things life with her own true love would hold.

2. Hunt was a devoted dad, a man who loved to spend time with his children.

3. The men in the room each drew a straw to determine who would take the watch until morning.

4. She didnít like it, approve of it, or allow it in her house.

5. No two people think in exactly the same way, though some find soul mates who whisper the ends to their sentences before they say them.

6. They did not know themselves exactly how the situation would end.

7. She is exactly the kind of girl I would want my boy to marry!

8. Karen wasnít sure to whom the award should go.

9. I know that this is unusual under these circumstances, but things are exactly as they should be!

10. The real estate agent asked her to sign a listing agreement on the house.

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Submitted by:  © Elaine Ernst Schneider  is a freelance writer and a teacher. She has been writing since high school and has published articles, songs, and children's work. Presently, Elaine is a curriculum author for Group Publishing and also writes the City Songs column for ezine. 
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