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Lesson Tutor : Kindergarten Math

  /  Lesson Tutor : Kindergarten Math

NUMBERS 1 – 10 : Kindergarten Curriculum
by Elaine Ernst Schneider

1 is the same as ONE. That means not two, not three, not four, just one. 
Activity 1:
Trace 1. Then write some ones on the line.

1  1  1  1  1  ________________________
Activity 2:
Circle the bugs you see only one of.


Is there 1 butterfly or 1 bee?
Here there are 2.

Activity 3:
Color one bird.

Pick ME !

Color one raindrop. 

Do you like to dance between the raindrops?            …..What colour is a raindrop? I know I am having fun,
When I see a bug of one!
I will count the raindrops too,
One by one, I’ll think of you.

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