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Lesson Tutor :Test-taking Relaxer Exercise

  /  Lesson Tutor :Test-taking Relaxer Exercise

Test-taking Relaxer Exercise
By Elaine Ernst Schneider

Test anxiety can often cause a student to not perform as well as he or she might were the conditions more relaxed. Here is a great test-relaxer exercise.

Tell your student(s) that this is the test. Emphasize that the directions should be read – and followed – carefully.



DIRECTIONS: Read all questions before beginning with question one.

  1. Put your name on this paper in the upper left corner.
  2. Put the date in the upper right corner.
  3. Put the total number of questions on this test under the date.
  4. Stop and think.
  5. Take a deep breath.
  6. Scratch your head. Be sure your teacher sees you do this so that he or she knows you are following the directions.
  7. Stand up.
  8. Turn around three times.
  9. Hop on one foot twice.
  10. Sing Happy Birthday to your teacher while standing on one foot.
  11. Be seated.
  12. Write the alphabet at the bottom of this page.
  13. Stand up. Bend over and touch your toes.
  14. Fold this paper.
  15. Put your name on the outside.
  16. Turn in the paper to your teacher.
  17. Only do questions 1 – 2 and 14 – 17.


After this exercise, everyone should have had a good laugh – either because the directions were NOT read ahead of time and you had Happy Birthday sung, or because the student is feeling sly and fulfilled for having read the directions in their entirety and thus having not been bested.

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