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LessonTutor : Let’s Study Explorers Marco Polo Part 2

  /  LessonTutor : Let’s Study Explorers Marco Polo Part 2

Let’s Study Explorers – Marco Polo Part 2
by Belinda Mooney

From Venice Marco, Maffeo and Nicolo traveled by ship to Acre in Palestine. The next part of their journey they crossed through the deserts of Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan. Marco became sick along this way. They took him to some mountains nearby to recuperate and gain his strength. They were there a year. Then they went over the mountains of Pamir called “The Roof of the World” because of its height. The trio then went down to the trading cities of Kashgar and Yarkon (now Shufu and Soche). From there they crossed the Gobi Desert. They arrived at the Khan’s city, Cambaluc (Peking) early in 1275. The Great Khan welcomed them back. Marco was given a place among his officers. Marco took to dressing like a Tartar. He had learned to speak the language plus four other languages.

Now is a good time to study the desert if you haven’t already done that.

Mark Persia on your map. (Iran)

Fill out an information sheet on Persia.

Label all the places they traveled through so far on your map.

Find out what a Tartar dressed like. Draw what you think Marco Polo looked like dressed as one. Little ones might enjoy dressing up like one.

The Tales from the Arabian Nights took place in Persia. Read some stories from this book. Let your children draw one of the stories while you read aloud.

Marco traveled by camel caravan in many places. Draw a picture and tell what a caravan is. Fill out an Animal Detective Sheet on the camel. Start a book or notebook page on geography terms. Add the following terms and their definitions. Mountain desert 

Keep a journal and pretend you are traveling with Marco Polo. Write down your adventures so far.

This brings you to a map of Marco Polo’s route. 

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