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On the first Monday of September of each year, America celebrates Labor Day. It's a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Encourage your 5th graders to express their

Practicing your kids' writing skills with 'What to Do’ worksheet will definitely sharpen their creative writing skills. Kids have to form a short story, encouraging them to be as imaginative as possible. GET IT NOW!

This sentence writing worksheet will help practice your kid's sentence writing skills. Also, this will sharpen their creative writing skills as they are free to experiment with their creativity in each sentence. Practice more and browse our collection of writing worksheets.

How good do you think is your kid with mental math? Mental math is an excellent way to save time and solve math problems faster! This worksheet is a great tool for kids to practice calculations in their heads. Let

'Subtraction Action' has a bunch of subtraction problems that need to be solved to find out the secret combination of the safe. This is a fun math worksheet while it sharpens your kids subtraction skills. Give the kids time to

'Multiplication Stations' is one tough multiplication worksheet but is a great way to sharpen kids' multiplication skills. Kids need to solve challenging multiplication problems to be able to decode the secret message. Let's get them started! GET IT NOW!

Most times, math plays a big part in gathering information. And a good detective must be able to gather as much information from simple stories around the city. Following four stories from around Hooverville, can your fifth grader use basic

Math is used in cooking more than you might think. The measuring cups and spoons, the doubling and halving. Let your kids try to make juices in Bernie's kitchen - remind him to pay attention to the denominators of the