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Online puzzle: The Planets
Joanne Mikola April 2, 2001

Interactive Puzzle map of Canada
Includes the National anthem ‘Oh, Canada.’ Updated to include the new Territory, Nunavut, as well as the official name change from ‘just’ Newfoundland to Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Joanne Mikola, Oct, 2001

On-line jigsaw puzzle United States Capital Cities
A wonderful, and potentially competitive, activity to reinforce all those State names and Capitol cities. For traditional worksheets, see our Geography Home Page. Click here. 
Joanne Mikola March 31, 2001

Interactive jigsaw puzzle: The Mississippi River.
Great re-inforcement tool for remembering what States the river either borders and runs through. Can you name those 10 States?  Includes midi file ‘Ol Man River’ sequenced by Roly Wright and used with permission. 
J Mikola Dec. 3, 2001

Interactive jigsaw puzzle: 1776 
Map of the original 13 Colonies. 
J Mikola Dec. 2, 2001

Jigsaw puzzle: Texas – 1800 AD
Joanne Mikola September, 2001

On-line puzzle: United States and Territories circa 1840
To view the lyrics and history of the included song Woodman, Spare That Treeclick here.
Map adapted from sources courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. April 2, 2002

Interactive jigsaw puzzle Europe circa 2000 AD
This one is not for the faint of heart! Flags courtesy of and used with permission. Thanks also to our viewer, Bob Ross for this request. 
Joanne Mikola August 15, 2001

Online jigsaw puzzle: Headline Countries
Selected countries of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Do you know where Afghanistan is? 
Joanne Mikola September 17, 2001

Interactive Happy Birthday To You
Sign Language finger spelling words for some party fun. 
Joanne Mikola August 13, 2001

On-line jigsaw puzzle Basketball Court Orientaion
Joanne Mikola, March 28, 2001

 “I teach technology in education-related courses for Missouri Baptist 
University, and other courses for a junior college.  I just retired from 35 
years teaching social studies in high school.  I’ve a passion for exploring 
the potential for computer-based/web-based education.  No static map can do what you’re doing…  (By the way, I’ve pointed my EDUC 373 Technology and Instruction Media students to your site).” T.B. March, 2003
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