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Around the World in 80 Days Take home quiz Chap. 1 – 11 inc.

  /  Around the World in 80 Days Take home quiz Chap. 1 – 11 inc.

  Around The World in 80 Days: Part 1
Take Home Quiz: Printable Crossword



7.     What does Passepartout lose in Bombay?
9.     What is another word for edifice?
11.   Minarets and pagodas are both places of ______________.
12.   What is Fogg’s favorite table game?
13.   Madam Tussaud’s is what kind of museum?
14.   Who is Fix?

1.    Stuart, Ralph, and Flanagan are what to Fogg?
2.    What is the Reform?
3.    What do Passepartout and Fogg board in Bombay to take them to Calcutta?
4.    What is the name of the steamer that takes Fogg and Passepartout to Suez?
5.    Where does Phileas Fogg live?
6.    When Fogg finds that the rails aren’t finished all the way to Calcutta, what does he find to buy as an alternate conveyance?
7.    Along the way, Passepartout is sent to buy new shoes and _________.
8.    What is the name for the seat that enables one to ride an elephant?
10.  What country does Passepartout call home?

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