Ancient Civilizations – History Grade 4

Unit Study: Let’s Study Ancient Egypt

by Belinda Mooney

Ancient Egypt: Introduction
A good portion of the Old testament takes place in or around Egypt. Egypt also plays a major role in the life of many Bible people from Moses and Joseph to Jesus. So let’s start out by looking at Egypt and just where in the world it is. Get your maps and timeline ready.

Ancient Egypt: Pharaohs
Around 3000 BC the Upper Kingdom under King Narmer conquered the Lower Kingdom and they became one nation. King Marner, who was also called Menes, was now the ruler, or Pharaoh, over both. He built a new capital city called Memphis.

Ancient Egypt: Pharaohs and pyramids
Pharaohs were also supposed to be great warriors. They were supposed to be given great strength by the god Amun. The first of the Pharaohs were buried in low lying tombs made of mud bricks. But then the Age of Pyramids began!

Ancient Egyptian Religion
There was literally hundreds gods and goddesses in Egyptian religion. Several of them were both human and animals of Ancient Egypt. The Sun god was always considered the most important of all the gods. He was pictured in many different ways. One of these was a scarab beetle, Khepri.

Activity: Make your own Egyptian Pyramid
Treasure beyond belief was buried with the Pharaohs so the architect’s did there best to design them so they could not be robbed.